Eat When Your Body Says

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So, this Saturday, after the WOD I’ll be having that goal-setting talk, and it’s going to transition into a general nutrition talk. Theresa is still going to talk about Paleo next Thursday (6:30 PM, bring some food!), but I’m going to talk about more general things. Things like why numbers on the scale don’t matter and why the BMI is idiotic.

Another thing I’ll discuss is also touched on in the following video: remove the word “diet” from your lexicon. Okay, you don’t have to completely remove it, because there are two basic definitions of “diet” that we use in our day-to-day language. The first would be to describe a generalized way of eating. Like, “the cheetah subsists on a diet primarily composed of slow gazelles.” That definition is fine to keep using, especially if you’re a zoologist.

The second definition of “diet” is the bad one. This definition revolves around deprivation. When you think “I’m going on a diet,” the first instinct is “what can’t I eat on this diet?” and the second is “how long will I be on this diet?” We don’t want to use this word because that’s not what we’re doing here. We’re not looking to temporarily deny ourselves the things we want. We’re trying to mold our eating patterns into something that we can sustain for the rest of our lives.

This will make a lot more sense when I start talking, especially since my words aren’t working well tonight (it took me awhile to realize I meant “zoologist” instead of “animologist”). So show up to work out this Saturday at 9 and plan on sticking around for awhile afterwards. After all, it’s a MOMP day! Now, watch this video!

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