Death by SnowSnow

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Well, here’s hoping everyone had a good snow day and had fun picking snow up in one place and putting it down in another. Over and over and over again. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard – when you live in an apartment complex with an all wheel drive car, you don’t have to do a lot of shoveling. Yes, you should totally envy me.

As I type this, it’s raining like crazy. Or sleeting. Some kind of wet precipitation anyways. Whichever one it is, the roads are going to be insanely icy and horrible early in the morning. Plus, if it’s still going to snow overnight like the Chicken Littles weathermen have been saying, it’s just going to be that much worse. Make sure you set your alarm extra early if you have to go in to work tomorrow and drive alertly! This winter, it doesn’t matter how safe you drive, because we have an inordinate number of absolute idiots driving around here nowadays.

As you might guess, Friday’s 6:00 AM is going to be cancelled again. Keep an eye open for the other classes and possible voting opportunities. The benefit of a small gym is, we can put out a vote to the members to see if we’re going to be open. If you’d like a vote too, all you’ve gotta do is sign up!

UPDATE: No 9:00 AM today, but the other classes are on. Noon, 5:30 & 6:30, come get it!

Also, at some point during my weather-watching, I seem to recall one or more of them saying that Saturday’s probably going to have some more snow in the morning. Due to that possibility, I’m going to move the Valentine’s Day MOMP to next Saturday (2/22) instead of this one so we can get a lot of people to show up. We’ll still have our regular Saturday WOD this weekend (assuming the weather’s not crazy), it just won’t have all the pretty decorations.

So stay warm today, drive alertly, and above all…

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