What is CrossFit?

One common definition of CrossFit is as follows: “constantly varied, functional movements done at a high intensity.” We believe CrossFit is an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle, keeping bodies strong and healthy.

CrossFit Zenith workouts are based on the following workout principles:
1. Accuracy
2. Agility
3. Balance
4. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
5. Coordination
6. Flexibility
7. Power
8. Speed
9. Stamina
10. Strength

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CrossFit Exercises

Workouts incorporate bodyweight movements as well as various fitness equipment. Our gym is fully equipped and includes the following fitness items:

• Ab mats
• Bumper plates
• Climbing ropes
• Kettlebells
• Medicine balls
• Olympic weights
• Pullup bars
• Slam balls
• Sledge hammers
• Tires
• TRX bands

Every day in CrossFit there is a different WOD (workout of the day). Each session, which lasts about an hour, includes the following elements: a warmup, the core portion of the workout, and a cool down.

Is CrossFit for Everyone?

Who can do CrossFit? Anyone can! In any of our classes, you will find people of all ages and fitness abilities. WODs can be easily modified to take into account a participant’s strengths and weaknesses. And there is no truth to the myth that you need to get into shape to start CrossFit. CrossFit is set up so everyone can get started, regardless of fitness level.

Is CrossFit Safe?

There is a lot of talk these days about the safety of CrossFit. The fact of the matter is this: CrossFit is safe because we have good coaches who work with our athletes to ensure proper form is followed. In addition, CrossFit incorporates movements the body is already designed to do—and it makes the body stronger when it comes to doing those movements. FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith builds its workouts on these movements and diligent coaching ensures good form is maintained so you can avoid any injuries.

What Is a CrossFit Workout Like?

In a word – FUN! At FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith, every class is different because the workout is different each day. An experienced, CrossFit-certified coach leads each workout class.

Our classes are challenging, fun and are much smaller than a typical Globo-Gym or boot camp class. The class setting is a supportive atmosphere where it’s not uncommon to hear cheering, yelling, and encouragement. Classes last one hour and include a dynamic warm-up, mobility, skill and strength work, and a metabolic conditioning workout (that’s fancy talk for intense cardio). After the warm-up, your coach will explain the workout and applicable scaling/modifications.

Everyone in our classes gets an amazing workout. You’ll all do the same workout of the day (WOD), but we scale the workout for each athlete depending on your abilities. Sometimes we time the WODs, to create some friendly competition and so you can measure your progress. You might be a little tired or sore after class, but you’ll also be stronger, smiling, and feeling better than when you came in!

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What type of exercises do you do?

The clean&jerk, snatch, squat, deadlift, push-press, bench-press, and power-clean. Jumping, medicine ball throws and catches, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, handstands, cartwheels, muscle-ups, sit-ups, and plank holds. Kettlebell swings, running, sprinting, and rowing on an ergometer in an endless variety of drills. We make regular use of Olympic weight sets, rings, plyometrics boxes, medicine balls, and jump rope. We have all the tools to make your workout fun at FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith!

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How do I sign up?

Everyone interested in membership at FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith  is encouraged to try a free class or attend a intro consultation with a coach before joining. Contact us to get started.

How do I prepare for my first class?

Make sure you bring enough water for before, during and after your workout. Remember to stretch and take each day at your own pace. Everyone is at a different abilities and strengths, so don’t feel like you need to measure up to anyone else. The workouts are meant for you to improve and get better with each WOD.

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