CrossFit Prep Courses Begin on June 16th!

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Sled Pull at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith in Wallingford North Haven CT. F.I.T. Striking, Yoga and CrossFit Here

Next Monday starts CrossFit Zenith’s next phase of growth: the beginning of our CrossFit Prep Course program!

The CrossFit Prep Course will now be the first step to becoming a member here at CrossFit Zenith. This is a six day course spanning two weeks that will cover all of the CrossFit basics and get new people ready to enter regular classes. It’s a great opportunity for people who think they need to get in shape before they consider joining CrossFit.

The full CrossFit Prep Course package includes the two weeks of the Prep Course classes, plus two weeks of regular CrossFit classes for a full month of CrossFit. The Prep Course classes are naturally heavy on instruction with a short workout at the end. We give you the two weeks of regular classes to see what CrossFit’s like in a full class at whatever time you’re planning on working out.

There will be two sessions starting on Monday: one at 7:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and one at 7:30 PM on Monday Wednesday and Thursday. Classes are limited to eight people so there is no moving between classes. If you sign up for the 7:30 PM, you’ll be attending all six classes at 7:30 PM. Having a small number of consistent participants ensures both the quality and the cohesiveness of your Prep Course experience. We want everyone to get the best possible start to their CrossFit journey here at CrossFit Zenith.

So now it’s all up to you. Classes will be starting every two weeks, but you’re going to want to sign up as soon as possible, since there are limited spaces in each class. Click here to register for the CFZ Prep Course and kick off your new journey to fitness!

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