Cross Cuisines is here!

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We’ll talk about this more once you guys have had your fill of turkey and are feeling appropriately bloated and self-loathing-ish, BUT you’ll notice there’s a new link at the bottom of our page: Cross Cuisines.

Many of you were here when Teresa Garceau stopped by to talk to us (Barb and I us, not all of us us, so don’t worry about not remembering that part) about Cross Cuisines and got to work out with her as well. I’ve finally gotten my act together and got the link to their site up, so now we can talk a little bit about what this is. I’m not going to go too much into nutrition and paleo diets and such, ’cause that will be a conversation for after you’ve had your Thanksgiving excesses.

The big thing to know right now is that this is great, pre-prepared food. At Cross Cuisines, you can order fresh, healthy, gourmet Paleo food that will be delivered directly here to CrossFit Zenith. So you come in to work out, then before you go home you get your food out of the fridge here. What could be easier, right? They serve grass-fed beef, omega three eggs and wild caught seafood and all of their products are antibiotic/hormone free, gluten free, wheat free, grain free and dairy free. So even if you don’t know what “Paleo” is, just know that it’s good clean food AND you don’t have to cook it yourself.

To place an order, you only need to go to their website (you can either click the logo at the bottom of the home page or bookmark this link for later) and set up an account on their site. Then you select your food and in the checkout process, you’ll pick “CrossFit Zenith” from the list of delivery places.

They’ll deliver here on Mondays and Wednesdays. You’ll need to place your order by 6PM on Saturday for a Monday delivery and 6PM Monday for a Wednesday delivery. It’s just that easy. If you need to pick up your food at a non-WOD time, call the gym (203-265-6823) or shoot me an email to make sure I’ll be here when you want to pick your food up.

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