Costume Help from Our Friends at Cracked

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This Thursday (HALLOWEEN!) We’re having a big free Halloween WOD at 6:30 PM. Wear a costume, bring a friend, possibly some drinks or snacks – it’s party time! Check out our event on Facebook or keep checking here daily for updates!

Also, due to the Halloween Hijinks mentioned above there will be NO 6:00AM CLASS on FRIDAY!

So maybe yesterday’s post wasn’t for you. You want to dress up for the Halloween WOD (and why wouldn’t you want to? It’ll be fabulous!), but you’re not into the whole Sexy/Sultry/Slutty Whatever

But who can resist Sexy Burn Victim?

But who can resist Sexy Burn Victim?

Luckily, Cracked is on the scene with several helpful Halloween costume guides to help you navigate your way through these tricky times. And you know how bonkers I am for Cracked articles, so, double bonus!

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