Congratulations! Champagnes for Everyone!

By May 11, 2014 wod No Comments

While there was a great workout this Saturday with a lot of great pictures, that’s getting pushed to tomorrow’s post. There was an even bigger AMRAP that got kicked off on Saturday: 6:30PM regulars Phil & Krystal got married! They’ll be gone from the gym for a little while as they try to decompress from all of the “fun,” “joy,” and “happiness” that planning a wedding brings. Fortunately, it looks like they got to remove the quotes for the wedding itself and got the deed done in fine style.

All of us here want to give our congratulations and best wishes for the future to Phil and Krystal Champagne.

And yes, Krystal’s heard all the jokes already, mostly from me. Congratulations, kids!

Phil thinks he takes bad pictures. I don't see it.

Phil thinks he takes bad pictures. I don’t see it.

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