Crossfit Coach

Ben is a Mass Communication Specialist in the United States Navy and has been doing CrossFit for approximately a year and a half but has also been doing Olympic Weightlifting since his freshman year in high school.

After a shot at playing collegiate sports ended he found himself lost and looking for that competitive outlet. He joined the Navy in 2010 began focusing more on the “globo-gym” style workouts but quickly found himself unfulfilled,  started to fall out of love with fitness and soon became a person full of excuses as to why he was unable to work out.

In 2014, a friend introduced him to CrossFit; the rest is history. He began with workouts in his home garage and couldn’t do 90% of the movements.  His passion for CrossFit only grew. He has spent more time studying CrossFit then the average person and has become very meticulous on the Olympic Lifting aspect of the sport. He has learned the hard way that if you do not pay attention to the finest details of lifting, you could be sitting on the sideline itching to get back in and join in on the fun.

His goals for the next year are to make a big push for the CrossFit Regionals and to compete in an Olympic Weightlifting competition. His wife is a key part of his success and growth in the sport, and is a passionate CrossFit supporter as well. He looks to take the knowledge gained and spread it to those willing to put in the time to work and grow with him.  He is passionate about coaching and about helping others be better athletes.