Being Jason Castro

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Last night was the announcement of the first workout of the 2014 CrossFit Open and…. it’s pretty much what we did yesterday. Apparently I was channeling Castro Wednesday night, so even if you avoided yesterday’s WOD, you get penalized by having to do 5 more snatches per round. Suckaaaaah! If you did yesterday’s workout, you can either find out what it’s like to do almost the same WOD two days running, or you can do the secondary WOD. Yay, back squats! Also, I’ve written the WOD with hang power snatches, since most of you learned the snatch Wednesday. If you’re more experienced with it, you’ll be doing power snatches instead.

If you missed the live announcement last night, our mentor wrote up this great article about it for the Games site. You can also watch Marcus Hendren and Garrett Fisher go head-to-head in the workout (along with the whole spectacle of an Open WOD announcement in the CrossFit world) :

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