Back in the Saddle Again

By July 13, 2014 wod No Comments

I’ve been staying away from the blog lately for varying reasons, but one of the most prevalent has been my typing.

One of the lingering side effects of all that cancer bullshit awhile back is an occasional disconnect between what my brain thinks and what my body does, linguistically. In the past, this has presented itself in the form of substituted words. I think “Phoebe the dog,” I see myself typing “Phoebe the dog,” and later Barb asked me why I wrote “Phoebe the rutabaga.” No real rhyme or reason usually and it tends to come and go.

Lately, typing has become a pretty huge hurdle. It’s not just word substitution, it’s just gobbledygook. At times it’s like my fingers are starting one key off and at others I have no idea what happened. It becomes quite a pain in the ass to keep going back and fixing all the bizarre issues, especially when your words are something you take pride in. I’m finding the same thing in my handwriting, which has its own drawbacks.

So, like so many people with an injury or a pain, I’ve been avoiding what hurts. You know how it is when you wake up with your legs tight and see squats in the WOD. If you find a way to avoid it, you probably will. Unless you suck it up and just go. You know how I always tell you guys to keep moving, how the pain only gets worse when you stop? Well now it’s time to test that theory with my brain.

So expect to see more content popping up this week (that’s me calling myself out) and have patience if my spelling suddenly looks like 90% of the other CrossFit blogs out there. Hopefully this skill will return like others do. Off into the unknowable unknown we go!

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