At least we only did a 5×5 this time…

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Saturday is our MOMP (Middle Of the Month Party) Day! 9:00 AM will be the MOMP WOD, 10:00 will be the CrossFit Open WOD for Barb & Mo to do and the rest of you to cheer, then after they’re done we’ll eat some food and hang out and maybe watch a CrossFit documentary.

Now let’s talk about tomorrow’s workout.

Well, I got a portion of the Open workout that seeped into my brain by having us do some deadlifts yesterday, but at least it was only a 5×5 and not a big time workout, right? RIGHT?

This one’s going to be interesting, especially for us. You’ll notice that in the 8min AMRAP, the deadlift weights and reps are increasing each round. In the actual open WOD, the weights make large but understandable leaps:

Men Bumpers Women Bumpers
135 45 x 2 95 25 x 2
185 add 25 x 2 135 add 2 10s x 2
225 strip 25s add 45 x 2 155 add 10 x2
275 add 25 x 2 185 strip 10 x2 add 25 x 2
315 strip 25s add 45 x 2 205 add 10 x 2
365 add 25 x 2 225 add 10 x 2

For us, that’s going to be pretty tricky. If your heavy single is say, 225, that means your first round will be at 67.5. As you can guess, things will get complicated in a hurry. So what we’ll do instead is try to get a number that’s near the percentage. So in the case of a 225 deadlift, we’ll start at 65 and work it out from there. Hopefully your phone has a calculator.

We’ll start the day by playing around with our weights to see what heavy feels like, then do our calculating for five minutes and get set up for the workout. How fun is THAT? Just be prepared to move fast and work on your barbell stripping/loading technique.

As usual, if you missed the live announcement of the WOD (we had another great crew, this time in front of a TV!), here’s the archived version:

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