As your body grows bigger, your mind must flower…

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You’re welcome for the earbug, old folks. Also, even with the beloved SHR, there is some weird stuff out there on the internet.


Before we get started, one important thing to note: Mo got her first CFZ PR! Not only that, but her old PR was for a one rep push press and tonight she did more than that for five! Awesome work, Mo!

As you know, here at CFZ, we’re always trying out things that help our members in all parts of their lives. By coming in, doing a workout and leaving, you’re missing so much of the possible experience. That’s why the two biggest areas we worked on were the gym floor and the sitting area. We don’t want CFZ to just be the place where you sweat and grunt, we want it to be a hangout. Ask anyone in the 6:30 PM class: nothing better than doing a tough WOD, then crashing on the couches afterward to hang with the family for awhile. Barb, Phoebe and I usually have nowhere else to be, so having folks stick around after is always a welcome treat.

This is just how we dress at CFZ.

This is just how we dress at CFZ.

Our latest rollout in helping out your complete lives is the CFZ Lending Library! This may or may not be put together by the time you get to class on Monday, and it might move locations as we get more books, but Lending Library v1 will be happening this week! For now, it’s a bunch of books that would otherwise go to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Consignment, but we figured if we had a use for them at some point in our lives, our members probably would too.

You’ll notice in the photo above, there are two different bookplates. The CFZ Lending Library (purple stickers) is pretty simple – if you see something you like, take it with you and read it. You can either bring it back for other members to read, hand it off to a non-CFZ person who might enjoy it, or just leave it in some visible place for someone else to find and take home. In addition to helping your brains grow, having these books out there helps advertise the gym! Sneaky, right?

As for the red SqWatts’ Library books, those are the ones that get checked out and always come back to me under penalty of massive amounts of burpees. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference even from the outside of the book. If it’s a workout programming book, a Neil Gaiman book or a graphic novel, it’s probably a SqWatts’ Library book. If it’s a book on field-dressing deer, a religious text or anything by Martha Stewart, it’s probably a Lending Library book.

If you have a bunch of books you’ve been looking to get rid of and don’t mind someone leaving on a bus somewhere, we’ll always be accepting donations! Bring in what you’ve got and we’ll slap some stickers in ’em!

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