Another New Skill!

By March 10, 2014 wod No Comments

NOTE: 6AM class is canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday but all other classes are available as scheduled.

You’re going to notice a theme slowly creeping up this week and it involves those little guys above. Today we’re going to work on the kettlebell snatch, which isn’t quite as complicated as the olympic snatch you guys learned a couple of weeks ago but still has a quite few moving parts to click together. So today we’re going to break it down into a few different skills and drills, then the fun really begins.

If you haven’t already had the joy that comes with discovering how hard an easy-looking workout can be, prepare to join the “WTF was THAT” club. Those of you who are looking for “cardio” or want that “core” work to get that bikini body, this is a big tool in both of those. Big full ranges of motion in the movement and light enough weight that you can do a whoooole lot of ’em.

Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.

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