Another Gathering Tonight!

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I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post just how fun the particular pattern of the WOD was going to be. In between the 5:30 & 6:30 classes I decided it will be henceforth known as the Painstorm Protocol, since Tom Clancy’s not going to be able to use it for an eventual book title. It works on multiple levels, since you can all attest to the “pain” part of it. Plus, with all of the raining and such, we got a storm as well. In fact, while I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of our 5:30 class (with its 9 people, including Allen in his first CrossFit workout), I was able to get a quick shot of the 6:30 in action!

Krystal's on the left, Phil's on the right.

Krystal’s on the left, Phil’s on the right.

Yes, we got CFZ’s first blackout last night! Fortunately it was during the instruction portion, since everything got reset. Eventually the lights came back on and Krystal was able to talk me down off of Phil’s shoulders and we got everything underway. We just had a minute of silence at the start of the WOD since I forgot to make sure the music worked before kicking things off, but luckily I have a beautiful singing voice.

Tonight is another Open WOD announcement and I’m bringing in the TV again so we can lounge in the staging area rather than huddle in my office around the computer monitor. So feel free to come to the 6:30 class, bring some food/snacks to chow down on as we wait for the magic 8:00 hour to hit. Then we’ll get to watch the announcement as well as see those two ladies at the top of the page do the workout head-to-head. Awesome, right?

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