And the Clean Eating Challenge Journal Points Winner IS…

By March 2, 2014 wod No Comments

Unknown! I’m still waiting on almost everyone’s points. Right now, it’s looking like Jon’s going to be the big winner since he’s the only one who has turned his in. Let’s get it together, people! Email me your points, send them through Facebook, attach them to a carrier pigeon, whatever it takes to get them in my hand.

This Wednesday will be the “After” workout. All classes will be doing it – if you can’t make that day, you’ll need to make it up either in a non-class time or on Saturday after the 9:00AM class. I’d highly advise eating clean until you’ve done the workout – you don’t want to be all bloated and swollen during Fight Gone Bad.

In other news, Barb, Mo & Josh did great in Open WOD 14.1 on Saturday, but they could have used some people screaming. Once we know for sure when Mo and Barb (and anyone else) are doing 14.2, I’ll put a message in the Family group so we can hopefully get some of you out for the cheering. Like before, we’ll be doing a version of 14.2 on Friday, but I’m going to try to turn off my psychic ability and not have us do the same WOD on Thursday this time.

Lastly, it seems the horrible bits of the snowstorm are going to be south of us, so classes should be fine with just a dusting of snow. Just remember the usual rules: check the blog/Facebook page/family group before you leave and make sure you wear outside shoes outside and change into your gym shoes inside. Otherwise, the standard “burpees through the whole class” rule applies.

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