All the Regrets

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Whenever someone is trying to portray themselves as a risk-taker or brigand, one of the concepts that is often thrown out there is living life with no regrets. When you hear this, you can assume that one of the following three things is true:

  1. This person can’t elucidate his thoughts properly
  2. This person has a tendency to thoughtlessly parrot back things he’s seen on motivational posters
  3. This person is a drooling idiot

Hopefully, what our hypothetical YOLO-ite (there’ll be more on THAT acronym at a later date) is trying to get across is the idea of not dwelling on your regrets. To go through life with no regrets is to not truly live life.

When you’re living life, you’re making choices and, unless you’re really good at picking numbers, you’re going to make wrong choices. Some of those choices will be more tinged with regret than others. If you chose vanilla over chocolate and the vanilla wasn’t quite as good as you hoped, there’s a small regret there. If you’ve suddenly realized you’re in the completely wrong career, that would be a major regret.

In both of these examples, you’ve made a choice. A decision. It was either a easy, expected choice to make or it was a bold leap into the unknown. Learn that no matter what you do, there will probably be regret on some level, but also learn how to deal with that regret.

Our bodies are over 60% water, yet we make it through every day without drowning. I could try to go through life without replenishing my fluids, for fear of possibly drowning, but we all know I wouldn’t live long doing that. Regret works in the same way.

So be bold. Live a life not free from regret, but unencumbered by it. If you make the wrong choice, accept it, examine the regret, store it away and move on to your next choice.

You may think this has nothing to do with CrossFit at the moment, but wait until you’ve finished eating Christmas dinner and you’ll have a new perspective…

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