A New Kind of Sweat Angels at CFZ

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This weekend is a MOMP weekend! Gather up your friends and family for a fun workout at 9:00AM this Saturday and some hanging out – it’s free for everyone to attend!

Today we have exciting news about a new partnership here at CrossFit Zenith. We’re teaming up with an organization called Sweat Angels to do our part to bring a little more good to the world. To make this work and make a difference, here’s what we need for you to do:

  1. Each time you come in to the gym, check in on Facebook.

Boom. You’re done. How easy is that?

The way Sweat Angels works is, each month a new charity is picked out. During that month, a donation is made for every check-in that goes through the Sweat Angels system. For this month, the focus is juvenile diabetes research:

20140618 - Sweat Angels Diabetes

When I was going through my cancer treatment, I got to see firsthand how much help a small donation given in the right place could help. $10 sent to the American Cancer Society won’t make a difference, but $10 to a local charity that makes meals for cancer patients makes a huge difference. What Sweat Angels is doing is taking a whole lot of small donations and aiming them at one charity at a time. They’ve already done some pretty fantastic work for being a new small organization. Click this link to take a look at a lot of good they and their partners have already done in the world.

What’s even more impressive about this list is the fact that, before May 16th, they only had a bit over 30 gyms participating. So most of what you see on that page is the result of their trial runs. Even more impressive is that graphic in the lower right. This all started with one gym (CrossFit Maximus) and in that first month they paid for 1546 meals for kids. As of right now, the 105 gyms listed on the leaderboard are going to be providing almost 114 HOURS worth of research and the month’s just past halfway over.

So, the next time you’re here, be sure to pull out your phone and check in on your Facebook app! We’ll soon have a little digital display set up that’ll show what are check-ins are funding in realtime (right now, we’re providing 1 1/2 minutes of research, for example). Just three things to keep in mind as you’re doing this:

  1. You’ll still need to check-in to the actual class you’re attending on the usual iPad. That’s connected to our backend system, not Facebook.
  2. You’ve probably figured out that we get really crappy coverage inside the gym. Check in when you’re near the door or in your car outside and you’ll have better reception.
  3. Aside from helping out a charity, you’ll be helping out the gym. Check-ins have more weight in people’s Facebook feeds than anything we can do on our actual Facebook page, so the more people who check in on Facebook, the more visibility the gym gets on Facebook and the more likely we are to get some more new members in the door.

That’s all there is to it – let’s get to helping!

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