A Long Wordy Thank You (Much Like You Would Expect)

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Last night was an awesome party with a lot of great folks, but that pretty much describes every time you get more than one CrossFitter in a room. CJ took a lot of great pictures, but those are on hold for tomorrow’s post. Now that I don’t have to stand in front of you guys and break down in tears, I can say what I would’ve said last night while I’m literally crying in front of my keyboard (yes, that’s a secret shout out to a couple of horrible people I know. Mostly).

Starting a gym is a real pain in the ass. Most people can comprehend about 65-70% of the amount of pain-in-the-assness that’s involved with both opening a gym and doing the day-to-day stuff. And they’re right – it takes a lot of organization and negotiating and pleading and blood, sweat and tears to get something like this off the ground and keep it flying. That extra 30-40% people often miss out on is the mental side of it all.

Initially, there’s the expected Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that comes with any sort of business. “If I build it, will they come?” “How are we going to pay for all of this?” “What if no one shows up?” “What if everyone shows up?”

The thing that really gets you is the day-to-day FUD. “Am I doing everything I can for my people?” “Am I covering all the things I need to cover?” “Am I helping them reach their goals?”

“Am I good enough?”

It doesn’t matter how good you actually are, if you strive for anything resembling perfection, you’re going to have to deal with the occasional long dark tea time of the soul.

Last night blew all of that FUD right out of the water. Seeing all of your happy smiling faces here, all of these people whose lives I’ve touched in some small way was absolutely incredible. And then to open your present and see all of your kind words and testimonials… that was something that was truly spectacular.

I can’t thank all of you enough for taking the time out of your day to come spend time with me. It really does mean a lot to have you guys around, whether you’re CFZ regulars or part of the extended CFZ family. The past seven months have really shown me who cares about us and what we’re doing here, and last night was no exception.

I especially want to single out Frank for coming up with the birthday WOD, both to thank him and to remind everyone’s legs that it’s not my fault. You’re a great friend and the best coach I know, Frank. Though at least 40% of that opinion is because of your underwear.

Naturally, all of this couldn’t have happened without Barb working tirelessly behind the scenes as only she can. Somehow she managed to keep all of her machinations secret and pull off a really amazing night. While words fail to express how much I appreciate all of you, that’s nothing compared to their inability to truly express how much I love this woman and all she does for me. I love you, Honeymonkey.

Okay, enough words. Dry your eyes (you big baby) and get back to work before your boss notices you’re slacking.

Some people talk about their "CrossFit Family." This group needs no qualifiers: this is my family.

Some people talk about their “CrossFit Family.” This group needs no qualifiers: this is my family.

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