A Little Distracted Yesterday

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“Wasn’t there supposed to be a Part 3 in that critics series thing?”

Yes, I had originally planned to have that up here today, but yesterday was surprisingly busy for a snow day. It started off with the obligatory sleeping in late and eventually crawling to the couch in front of the TV. As you can see, like many of you, Phoebe was quite upset that she didn’t get to go to the gym.

20140206 - Phoebe

Eventually, I had to lever her off of me to suit up and brave the snow to free my car. Not to rub in the joy of apartment living, but that cubic foot of snow to shovel really takes it out of you. I had to do all of that shoveling (seriously, it was like nine or ten shovel’s worth – feel my pain) so I could finally head out to the podiatrist to finally get that lingering foot injury checked out that occasionally has me hobbling around here mid-class.

The outlook’s good – just inflammation, so no surgery and I can finally get back to only slightly restricting what I do since now I know I can’t make something worse. Yaaaaay.

So I get back to the gym with its mostly-plowed parking lot, do some salting outside the door and head back in to wash off said salt and do some computer work. As I was washing my hands, I caught a glimpse of… something… scurrying around. I could hear some scrabbling and scratching, so I ran to the utility closet to find an investigating stick and did some poking around. Finally, I saw the face of our furry little visitor.

While we both had the same expression, Bob Harper wasn't actually the furry little visitor.

While we both had the same expression, Bob Harper wasn’t actually the furry little visitor.

At that point, I went into full Carl Spackler mode and things got a little fuzzy for awhile. At the moment, our visitor hasn’t fallen for any of my wily contraptions, but he’s confined to a rather small area and capture is imminent. Just in case he doesn’t fall for the latest trap (a taxidermied rat in a blonde wig and slinky dress), anyone know where I can get my hands on some plastique shaped like woodland creatures?

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