A Heavy Weekend

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The past weekend was heavy, both with events and with weights.

Friday we had our first annual Holiday Party, which I would rank as an immense success. Good food, great people and possibly one of the longest Cards Against Humanity sessions I’ve ever played. We’ll break the record once I get the latest expansion packs.

How could I NOT win with cards like these?

How could I NOT win with cards like these?

Even after all of the card playing, we managed to have one of the nicest, politest (which does not look right at all) Yankee Swaps in history. Not to mention you guys went the extra mile and surprised Barb and I with that generous Rogue gift certificate. It’s too bad I’ll be returning the kindness by buying something evil with it.

Saturday we had our first annual Merry Fucking Christmas Ugly Sweater WOD, which lined up nicely with our second MOMP. Sadly, it didn’t line up nicely with the weather. In addition to some people not being able to make it in, everyone pretty much had to cut out quickly afterwards to get home safely. Here’s hoping January 11th will have better weather. I’ve got some photos from the WOD to share, but they’re at the gym and I’m currently upstairs at home, which means tomorrow you get a picture page. For now, just know that it was fun, it was occasionally brutal and Katie (Queen of Medicine Ball Racing) won it all.

As folks were cooling down after the WOD, we got a bit of great news: Jimmy passed the physical portion of his police exam! He’s been putting in some hard work over the past month or so, and he reaped the benefits on Saturday. Congratulations, Jimmy! No photos of that to show because even though Jimmy’s young, he’s smart enough to not give me any photographic ammunition. And then, there’s Mo.

Every Sunday December 15th shall henceforth be known as Mo Day. Mo went to do a little powerlifting meet down in Shelton at Friend of Zenith Dave Duprey’s new place, Far Beyond Driven CrossFit. Sadly, the weather got even worse Saturday after the MOMP, which meant a lot of people couldn’t get to Dave’s place to throwdown. Instead, folks just played around with some heavy weights and Mo wowed them all (just like you’d expect). She came into Sunday with a PR of 285 in the deadlift and left with a 20 pound PR of 305! In addition, some very large powerlifting dudes were so impressed with her lift that they convinced her to try 325 (a 40 pound PR), which she made two attempts at. She only managed a couple of inches (that’s what he said), but she made that bar move, so no doubt it’s right around the corner. There aren’t words enough to express how proud I am of our Mo, but here are a thousand words that try:

20131216 - Me and Mo

Here's Mo, lifting 305 like it was nothin'.

Here’s Mo, lifting 305 like it was nothin’. (Much thanks to Katherine Zervakis of CrossFit Halo for catching the Mo-ment)

And here's Mo lifting 325 like it was somethin'. This is as high as she got, but you can tell it's right around the corner now.

And here’s Mo lifting 325 like it was somethin’. This is as high as she got with it, but you can tell 325’s right around the corner now.

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