8.3.16 Wise Words Wednesday

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The Wise Words today come from our friends at Mentality WOD.  It’s a great post about perfection.  Do you skip workouts with movements in them because you’re not good at them?  Do you sometimes procrastinate other things in life because you can’t do them perfectly?  Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.  Read on…

Are you Paralyzed by Perfectionism?

Procrastination is one of the symptoms of perfectionism.

Do you put things off because you don’t feel “ready,” and you want to make sure you do it “right?”

Are you listening to your inner critic telling you that you’re not “good enough” yet, that you aren’t capable of performing how you want to, or that others are going to see your mistakes and imperfections?

Do these thoughts keep you from doing? From trying? From making forward progress?

Woah, that was a mouthful.

If you’re someone who continues to feel like you have to learn a little more before you do, research a little more before you act or watch others a few more times before you try…then, you may be procrastinating because of your desire for it to come out perfectly right away.

This habit keeps you from going for it, putting yourself out there, trying new things, making beautiful mistakes and valuable learning lessons. It may keep you from having a damn good time, adventure and spontaneity too.

Here’s 1 quick way to overcome procrastination because of perfectionist tendencies

  • For every minute you research, watch or learn about whatever it is you’re wanting to do…you must spend equal time DOING what it is you want to do.

Bottom Line: Whatever goal you have, whatever you want to accomplish, whatever you want to get better at…you gotta practice. You gotta do. You gotta try, and get dirty and mess up. Learn, then practice. Study, then do. Read, then try. Keep it balanced.




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