8.23.16 The Goal Is Not To Run Fast, But To Run Well.

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There are only TWO slots left in the running clinic that starts in one week!  If you’re interested, email barbara@crossfitzenith.com.  Details about the clinic can be found below.

More running wisdom from CFZ Running Coach, Bryan Ballard

I was listening to a CrossFit podcast recently and they made an interesting point.  The gentleman speaking was Coach Hinshaw, same guy responsible for teaching CrossFit’s new Aerobic CrossFit Certification course.  The point Hinshaw made was this – “the mistake most Crossfiters make, is they think that to run “well” means the same this as running “fast.”  Makes sense – when you’re back squatting hundreds of pounds, you recruit all the muscles and nerves your body can possibly find to stand that bar up again.  Must transfer over to running right?

Wrong.  For the most part, people who are “good” at running, are fast — true, but it’s not because they’re using maximum effort when they’re out there.  Running distance, say, is running consistent.  It’s running for as long as you possibly can without slowing down.  For some people that happens to be fast, but it’s only fast because their bodies have gotten really, really good — over years or decades even – at using energy and translating it into their bodies.  And that’s where the gains for CrossFit are with the addition of running.  You become really efficient at creating and using energy.  The more efficient you are at running, the more it immediately translates to your deadlift.  Boom.  Stand that weight up.

This is probably why my friend used to make fun of me when he asked what I listened to when I would go out for long runs.  My response was “Coldplay.”  “Coldplay?!” He would say.  “That’s like the slowest and most boring running music.”  I know.  But when I’m out there, I’m not looking for adrenaline to escape a bear (you shouldn’t run in that situation anyways), I’m looking for something relaxing to zone me out.  With that I slow down, I create pace, and ironically – I make huge gains for those kettlebells later on :)

Here are the details again:

— 6 weeks starting Monday 8/29
— Every Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm
— One workout at the gym
— One workout at the Choate track
— Weekly homework assigned
— $79
— Limited Edition Zenith Running Club T-shirt included
— Limited to 10 people
— If you’re interested, send an email to barbara@crossfitzenith.com


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