8.18.16 Wise Words About Diet & Nutrition

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The Wise Words today come from our very own coaches, Frank and Virginia.  Our two bad-ass Olympic Lifting coaches also own an individualized nutrition and performance coaching company called EatMoreBeFit.   Check them out and read their wise advice…


Diet and Nutrition – It’s not what you think

Whenever you hear of someone on a diet and nutrition you begin to imagine the lack of variety of food or that they have to give up “carbs” or eat the way people 10,000 years ago ate. You worry that the “dieter” is going to come into the office and tell you everything you are doing wrong and why their way is the right way to lose weight or be healthy… even when you never asked. It turns into a religious type topic with the zealous attitude about food. I have jokingly said many times, “I refuse to talk with people about politics, religion or dieting because with those three things people always think they know best and they will never change their minds regardless of the facts.” Interestingly enough, we at EatMoreBeFit do talk about diet. Part of the services we offer is to explain how to eat and how much.

So you can see the dilemma we have when trying to work with clients after years of bad information from mainstream media and a constant barrage of social media posts. Eggs were bad, then they were good again, then bad, now good? wait… bad? I forget. Also, you need to stay away from grains. Those are ALL bad, except for ancient grains. Those are good, right? “Fat is the devil.” “No CARBS are the devil!” “NO, NO. FAT WILL KILL YOU”. “But it’s the CARBS THAT MAKE YOU FAT!” Lewis Black says it best, Click Here

Can you see where we are going with this?

Okay, then what does EatMoreBeFit do? What makes us different? Well, for one, we never limit a food type from the diet. If you do not have a medical reason to avoid a food group then is it included in what you can eat. Medical reason means a medical doctor has tested you and has suggested the avoidance of food. This does not mean you read on Facebook somewhere that something is bad for you and should be avoided. ie Grains. So, when you work with us we never limit food types. If you can fit it into the recommendation we give you then you can have it.

Secondly, we work with you. You contact us, we check in with you, we communicate. There are websites out there that do what we do for free. Hell, you can e-mail me and I will send you the links. But let me tell you what you do not get for those sites. You will not get accountability, expertise, or guidance.

Accountability by being in touch with someone who will tell you when you are doing something wrong. When you screw up and get caught, it is a lot more meaningful than when you screw up and say “oh well, maybe next time.” because next time it will be even easier to let something slide. Expertise comes because we have worked with hundreds of clients and we know what works and what does not work. We have seen people do well and some people do not so well. There are patterns that we are in tune with so when we see these things developing we know when we need to say something. And guidance we give you in the form of e-mail communication, texts, phone calls, Facebook, Google docs, or 1000 other ways the internet has let us communicate with each other.


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