8.1.16 Don’t Forget the Fun

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Nerf Guns!

Wise words from Journal Menu…

“That is what it’s all about right? Having fun, getting fit and healthy, making friends, pushing limits.

Don’t get caught up in everything that isn’t working out. Don’t let a few unattained skills ruin every workout.

So you don’t have double unders or pushups or muscleups or rope climbs or huge numbers on the bar. Are you going to let that stop you from enjoying every workout?

Are you going to let what you can’t do get in the way of your potential of what you can do?

Take a deep breath. Remember, this is a journey, one that is supposed to be fun. Sure there is work and pain and frustration, but it should still be fun.

If it isn’t, go find something that is. Because life is too short to be hating what should be a great part of your day.

Don’t forget the fun.”


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