6.28.16 Workout of the Day

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Push Press 5×5

10 Push Press
15 Kettlebell Swing
10 Box Jumps

“One of Our Biggest Mistakes”

One of our biggest mistakes is that we assume it will happen today, or tomorrow or next week.

We set lofty goals for ourselves, so high that sometimes we can’t even visualize them.

Then we wonder a week later why we didn’t PR. We wonder a month later why the muscle up still hasn’t clicked or why our mile pace hasn’t changed.

It. Takes. Time.

There is nothing else to be said here. It takes time. Which means you have to be patient. You have to be working diligently towards that lofty goal for a long long time before it will come true. It won’t happen overnight. It just won’t. To get discouraged that it is “taking so long” is just silly. Of course it is taking a long time. You are training your body to do something it has never achieved before.

Don’t fall into the trap of giving up because “it will never happen”. Keep pushing. Keep working. Be patient. It will happen for you, at the right time (not at the time you pick and choose).

Credit: (http://www.journalmenu.com/blog/one-of-our-biggest-mistakes/)

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