6.27.16 Workout of the Day

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The big WODever finish. Like every good finish, it involved a hug...

Front Squat 5-3-1-1-1

“Born on the Bayou”
400 meter run
Push ups
Kettlebell Swings 53/35



Do you hear that?

Do you hear the sound of your coach downloading information to you?

They aren’t just jabbering to hear themselves talk. They are jabbering to help you reach your goals.

They are giving you all the important tips, all the important ideas, and all the important tricks.

They are helping you stay healthy and injury free. They are helping you increase your mobility and your skill level.

They are helping you turn on your inner beast mode.

All of that can only happen if you have your ears open. Listen. Stop chatting away and becoming lost in the day’s workout.

Start focusing. Start applying. Start succeeding.

Credit: (http://www.journalmenu.com/blog/listen/)

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