4.26.16 Workout of the Day

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april class

“You’re a Moped”

Wall Ball (20/14)

Power Snatch (75/55)


The Little Victories

We have to live in them, and not just step over them.

Maybe showing up to class is a victory in and of itself (I certainly know it is one for me at 5:30am).

Maybe your little victory is managing 10 perfect pushups from your toes before sliding down to your knees.

Maybe it’s an extra pound on the bar, or shaving 1 second off your 500m row. Maybe it’s turning down a cookie or remembering to stretch.

If you take a moment to look, you will find little victories everywhere. Little pats on the back to help propel you forward.

See your little victories, don’t let them be lost in a cloud reeking of failure because things aren’t happening fast enough.

Things are happening. Goals will be accomplished.

You just need to stay the course and keep your head up for all those little victories to blow you across the finish line.



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