4.25.16 Workout of the Day

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Getting upside down at Open Gym!

Shoulder Press 5×5

“Buyer’s Remorse”

Run 400m
Chest to bar pullup


Run 200m
Burpee to 6″ target


Find a new weakness.

You have a little list that you are working on, likely containing “get a pullup” or “string together double unders”.

That’s cool, and legit, and I am totally going to celebrate with you when you check them off – but what about working on something new?

What about working on something completely different every now and then after class?

Why do pullups get SO much love?

What about pistols, or rope climbs, or dips, or HSPU, or tire flips, or sled pushes, or toes to bar, or…?

I’m not saying to give up on your pullups or your double unders, I’m just saying to look outside the box every now and then.

Think of all the fun weaknesses you are missing out on – what if you are capable of something totally amazing and just don’t know it because all you care about are pullups?

There is more to it than pullups. There is more to it than double unders. Much, much more.

Don’t let everything else waste away just so you can get your chin over the bar…



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