2016.03.22 Oly Class Begins Tonight!

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The CFZ Oly Program begins tonight and the platforms are almost complete!

Deadlift 3×3

“Mark of Multiple Beasts”
66 Double unders
6 rounds
6 deadlift 255/180# 60%
6 strict pull up
6 hand release push up
6 goblet squat 70/53#
66 ft (20m) bear crawl

Oly class begins tonight at 5:30 PM with Coach Virginia! Classes will be on Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30 PM and will be a $30 add-on to your membership. If you’re not currently a member and are only interested in Oly class, we have a new Oly-only membership for $100/mo which includes Sunday’s Open Gym.

Dorrey had gathered up questions that everyone has been sending her about the program, so today we’ll have a little FAQ to answer some of them.

  • Do I have to attend all the classes? While it would be ideal if you could, you don’t have to attend all of the classes.
  • Is there any skill level requirement? There’s no skill level requirement and they will assess if need be at beginning of the class.
  • I can make Tuesdays but not Thursdays. Can I still do this class? Yes you can, though again, it’s more ideal to attend as many classes as possible.
  • Will these classes count against my current plan?No, Oly class is an add-on to your membership and its classes are counted separately. Open Gym still counts against your regular CrossFit membership, so if you need to practice some skills outside of class, those would be taken from your classes like normal.
  • Will these classes count toward the 100/200/300 WOD club?Probably. The current system isn’t smart enough to break things out, but it also might not be smart enough to recognize these classes as “membership visits.” We’ll know more after a little experimenting.
  • Do I have to pay for the whole 12 week course?The Oly class membership is a monthly charge since this will be an ongoing program, not just a 12 week course. The twelve weeks refers to programming cycles.
  • I can’t make the 5:30 PM class, are there other times?At the moment, there is only the 5:30 PM class due to equipment constraints. We know FIT and Oly won’t be fighting over the weights, so we’re keeping the class here for now. As we get more equipment specifically for Oly class, more time slots will become available.

If you have any other questions, talk to/email/message/text Brian.

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