2015.10.14 Today Our Baby is Two Years Old

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Competitors and Family at the 2015 Zenith Games

On this day two years ago, we held our first workouts at CrossFit Zenith. Sometimes that seems like a long time ago, other times it seems like only yesterday. As you might expect, in the past two years we’ve changed a lot and learned a lot.

We’ve had some people come and go, but we’ve had a lot of people stay. And we’ve watched those people grow stronger each and every day not just in their muscles, but in their minds and souls. Being able to push yourself through a workout time and time again has a way of eroding the negative thoughts that lurk in your head and seeing it happen to people firsthand is an amazing and humbling honor. It’s great to discover that you can lift a couple of hundred pounds off the floor, but to walk up to that weight and know you can? Those are the changes I love to see.

We’ve had the sheer dumb luck to continue attracting the best people to our gym. We should have known we were destined to this path when Robyne Gioco signed up as our first member. Despite the past couple of years being bumpy for her in all sorts of ways, she has remained our most steadfast and loyal fan and friend. Much like a drop in an ocean, that same feeling has radiated out to bring in so many great people.

It’s not just the members of our gym that we’ve gotten lucky with, either (ummm, phrasing?). We had one in particular who came to us extremely down on herself from day one. Little by little we chipped away at the negativity and we started to discover something fascinating: that while she couldn’t always see the good in herself, she could always find the good in others. At that point, we decided that Dorrey Worth had to be our Member Liason and the effect was like a wrecking ball smashing through that wall of negative thinking she had built up. I think now she can almost see all the good in her that the rest of us see. That’s not because she still has negativity, it’s that there’s just that much good in her.

The luck continued when we received an email out of the blue from some cop who was getting ready to move to the area to go to law school. A cop AND a lawyer? Make him an IRS auditor and we hit the trifecta, right? After a couple of phone calls and a couple of meet-ups, we made another excellent decision in hiring Mike Rapiejko as our first not-Brian coach. Mike has already saved our ass many times over, and the early morning classes are thriving under his watch. Plus, thanks to Mike, in a few years, we’ll have a whole STABLE filled with lawyers to call on when we need them!

Honestly, when you get down to the bottom of it all, our best luck was in having you find us. They say that if you want to be a better person, you have to surround yourself with better people. That just proves that CrossFit Zenith is the best gym around, because there are no better people than the ones who walk through our door. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for loving us almost as much as we love you. Thank you for standing by us through all the little bumps in the road. Thank you for the last two years and thank you for all the years to come.

Now go lift some fucking weight.

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