11.02.15 There’s a New Sheriff in Town

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New programming at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith North Haven

Pose running transition

5k Row (20min Cap)

Today marks a big day in CFZ history: Coach Mike is taking over the programming! My attention has wandered a bit with all that’s happened in the past couple of months, and Mike has agreed to step in to program for us to free me up for some future gym planning and let me get my mind right to get things back on track here at CrossFit Zenith.

Those of you who are partaking in the rowing challenge will be psyched to see the jumpstart to your challenge, whereas those who aren’t might now be considering signing up. HOWEVER: the only meters that count toward the challenge are the ones on your log card. If you sign up for the challenge after the WOD, the 5k you just rowed doesn’t count. So make your decision before the workout starts so you can get your log card! Here are the details for the rowing challenge for those who either aren’t in the Facebook group or haven’t been taking notes:

It’s time for the Fall Rowing Challenge!!!


  • November 2 through December 23
  • Row 50,000 meters
  • Everyone who completes 50,000 meters gets a limited edition super-cool finisher’s t-shirt.
  • A special prize to the person who rows the most meters in that time frame!
  • A special prize to the person who rows the fastest 50k!


  • $10 entry fee (to buy the Rowing Machine Log Card)
  • Only meters on your log card will count. No exceptions.
  • In order for your row to count, you must do a minimum of 1000m (non-stop) each time you row and you must insert your log card in the machine so it will record it. If you row less than 1000m in one session, it won’t be counted.
  • You can come to the gym and just row. This means, during a regular class time, you can choose not to do the WOD and just row instead (as long as there is no row in the WOD. Class rowing takes priority over individual rowing).
  • If you choose to row instead of WOD, you don’t have to check in and it won’t count against your classes for the month (it also won’t count toward your free shoes!), so you 12x/monthers, you have no excuse!!!
  • Repeat: For the duration of the challenge, you can come to the gym as often as you want to row (when the gym is open for classes) instead of doing a WOD. You are more than welcome to row more than once a day as well (again, as long as you row at least 1000m and you use the log card each time you row)
  • In addition to rowing before or after class, you can use warm up or mid-WOD rowing as long as you do at least 1000m at a time and use your log card. If counting a warm-up row, you must begin tyour row before the warm-up starts: don’t hold up the warm-up just to get 1000m in.
  • If someone is waiting to row their challenge meters and all the free rowers are taken, you must stop rowing at 5000m in order to give them a chance to row. The person who has rowed the furthest in that session (over 5000m) needs to give up their rower to the person waiting.
  • All rowing must be done at CrossFit Zenith.
  • You’ll turn in your log card on December 23 and we’ll calculate who completed the challenge and who the fastest and longest rowers are.
  • The fastest rower will not necessarily be the first one to finish 50,000m. It will be the person who rows 50,000m the fastest. Example: Athlete A rows 10,000m every day for 5 days and it takes them 2 hours each time, for a grand total of 10 hours. Athlete B rows 2000m every time they come to the gym (25 times) and it takes them about 8 minutes to do each row, for a grand total of a little over 3 hours for the whole 50,000. Even though it took Athlete B over a month to complete the challenge, they still did it faster than Athlete A.

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