10.12.15 CrossFit Zenith Games 2015 Post-Game Show

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Winner of the first annual Zenith Games at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith North Haven, Purple Reign

Shoulder Press 5×3

12 min AMRAP
200m Run
5 Shoulder Presses @ 55%
10 Ring Rows
15 Ball Slams 30/20

Compare with 08/06/2015

The First Annual CrossFit Zenith Games are officially in the books, and I think by all accounts it was an astounding success. Congratulations to our winning team, Captain Phil’s Purple Reign. I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes, staring at the screen and trying to find a way to not just write a post filled with superlatives. Instead, I’m just going to recap some of the highlights.

  • Somehow we managed to nail the programming down for the two teams so well that the winner was decided by a mere couple of inches in the final event.
  • Despite all the pre-Games trash talk, everyone was civil and sportsmanlike through the whole event.
  • I’m pretty sure each of you has discovered either a new ability or a new height to a current ability. Let’s hear it for 30″ burpee box overs!
  • Tons of PRs in the 1RM Deadlift event, along with a couple of surprisingly large lifts by a couple of first-time deadlifters. Nice job, Ashleigh & Carol!
  • Seriously, not a single fistfight all day.
  • Now we all know that a Porsche has to be running to be able to put it into neutral. Lesson learned.
  • Despite the occasional hitch (couldn’t get the cars in neutral, Wallingford Police performing a manhunt in our parking lot), the whole thing ran rather smoothly and on time.
  • The competitors ranged from a brand new CrossFit athlete to a Regionals competitor and everyone had a blast no matter what their experience level.
  • We all got a great reminder of just what an awesome community we have here at CrossFit Zenith

Before I go, there are a few people I’d like to single out for thanks.

  • Porsche of Wallingford and Ray Angle for the use of a couple of marvels of engineering.
  • Bev and Karla (Barb’s mom and my mom respectively) for getting the grill going and making sure everyone was fed.
  • Our friends and guests for coming out to watch the madness transpire.
  • All of you competitors for just being awesome.
  • Dorrey and Coach Mike for keeping things moving and doing some awesome judging.
  • Most of all, I want to thank Barb for doing 99.9% of what you saw today. Despite this being the busy season at her job, she went way above and beyond for you guys and CFZ to make sure the Zenith Games went off without a hitch. Anything that you think was neat, cool or well-run is do to the hours upon hours of work she put into this event.

Be sure to keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of days, because our official two year anniversary is coming up on the 14th! Expect a long rambling post about all of that.

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