1.5.17 Be Proud of Yourself!

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Stop selling yourself short!!

“It’s not much, but”

Quite possibly the worst qualifier at the gym.

The perfect opener to putting all your hard work, all your good choices and all your motivation on hold.

It always happens when you are telling the coach how you did.

“11:47, 8kg, it’s not much, but, it’s all I could do”

Really? Not much? Yet it was all you can do?

Maybe it’s not much for someone else, someone chasing different goals, someone working different skills. But your life isn’t based on their life.

And for you, it was all you could do. So don’t put it down with an “it’s not much, but”.

Celebrate your work, celebrate your sweat and aching muscles. Everyone is on their own path, and one path is not worth more than another. They are just different.

Get in there and crush YOUR path. And don’t you dare try to reduce it to “it’s not much”


credit:  http://www.journalmenu.com/blog/its-not-much-but/


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