1.31.17 February Challenge!

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It’s time to play Zenith Bingo!


It’s about time for a monthly challenge here at FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith!  We’re going to play BINGO!

Here’s how it will work:

For the month of February, the goal for the whole CrossFit Zenith community is to get “blackout bingo” on the Zenith Bingo card. “Blackout Bingo” means every square on the card needs to be completed. You’ll complete the entire bingo card as a group – not individually!

We’ll have a big version of the bingo card hanging on the wall at the gym and if you complete one of the challenges, write your name in that square.  In order to win the square, there needs to be proof! A coach has to witness it, or you have to submit a picture or other proof depending on the challenge. Only the first person to complete any challenge gets their name in that square.  Also, keep in mind that the challenges have to be done individually – in other words, you have to row ALL 10,000 meters on your own in one sitting.

If the WHOLE bingo card is completed by the end of February, there will be a drawing for a CrossFit Zenith jacket! The names of the people who completed each challenge will be the ones in the drawing. If you complete more than one square on the card, your name will be entered more than once!



The game starts on February 1!  Take a look at the bingo card and figure out what challenges you’re going to try to complete! I’ll have several copies of the bingo card at the gym, so you can take one home and start strategizing!

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