09.20.15 PR Week Begins!

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Come join the PR Factory at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith North Haven

Back Squat 5×3

“Ticket to Ride”
12min AMRAP
200m Run
5 Back Squats @ 65%
5 Burpees

Compare to 08/07/2015

This week we’re going back to 5x3s on our lifts and since we’ve got this black vs. purple points battle going on this month, I figured this was a great time to have a discussion about PRs. Namely, discussing the proper way to think about and attack your PRs.

PRs are something you’ve all grown pretty accustomed to and it’s kind of one of our gym’s specialties. While it’s common for new weightlifters to get frequent PRs, we’ve been seeing them from even the most experienced people who walk through our doors. There’s definitely some kind of magic PR juju in the purple and gray paint that holds this place together. Still, you’ve got to approach the next couple of weeks intelligently if you’re going to stay safe and still get points for your team.

There’s something about deciding to go for a PR that breaks people’s brains and wipes out their good sense. Usually, it’s that desire for a BIG PR. Why get a 10 pound PR if I have a chance of getting a 20 pound PR, right? Wrong. Let’s put this in the frame of our current team competition:

  • Competitor A’s last 5×3 ended at 200 pounds. A is feeling pretty good on his fourth round at 200 and decides to play it safe and gets three reps at 201 in his fifth round.
  • Competitor B’s last 5×3 ended at 200 pounds. B is feeling pretty good on his fourth round at 200 and decides to go for it and gets two reps at 215 in his fifth round.

Which one of these two people earned the most points for their team? Competitor A did, since B didn’t get in all three reps.

This is the way you should start thinking about your PRs even after the Zenith Games have passed. Each time you finish that fourth round, you should be taking stock of your body and mind and deciding what’s really achievable on that day in that particular moment in time. Remember that even if you only put a quarter of a pound on each side, it’s still a PR. Don’t try to throw on big numbers just because they’re sexy. Little plates need love too!

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