08.17.16 New Programming Starts Next Week

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Coming up next week, we have a major shift in the programming (aka the way we do workouts) here at CrossFit Zenith. As the weeks progress and we get deeper into the flow of the new programming, I’ll be explaining the hows and whys of what we’re doing. For now, I want you guys to start getting prepared with all of the non-workout things. This new programming is pretty dense and we’ll have a lot of stuff to cover in our hour together, so here’s what I’m going to need from all of you to make this all work, especially in the first few weeks.

  • Your coaches need your full attention. Yes, 99% of the time that will be me, but Mike will be back coaching Wednesday afternoons, so I’m not using a royal “we” here. Regardless of who’s leading the class, when the coach talks, you need to listen. We’ll be doing a lot of new things and if you’re not paying attention, the whole class will get dragged down.
  • Be on time. On time is not “through the door, shoes in hand, signing in at 30 after the hour.” On time is dressed, signed in, shoes changed, water bottle filled, bathroom used and ready to start warming up at 30 after. Gone are the days of the 400m run and lunge complex – you’ll need to be ready to learn and listen right from the start.
  • Journal everything. With this new programming, it is imperative that you keep track of your lifts. Occasionally there will be days where the strength portion will include lifts at a certain percentage of your one rep max. If you haven’t kept track of that, you’ll have no idea what you should be doing.
  • Do everything you can to try to be in class next Monday (8/22), Wednesday (8/24) and Friday (8/26). We’ll be testing your 1RM on a different lift each of those three days and this will be the basis of what you’ll be working off for future workouts. In that same mindset…
  • Don’t go crazy at Open Gym this weekend. Again, we’ll be doing some 1RM testing next week and if you stress your system trying to lift as heavy as possible at Open Gym, you’ll affect your results later in the week. This week and subsequent weeks have been programmed knowing that these tests are coming up. So take it easy on Sunday.
  • Don’t ask questions until question time. A lot of this will be new to a lot of you. It’s okay to not know what things are initially, because we’ll be explaining them to you. So if you see something on the board you don’t recognize, be patient – it will eventually be explained and questions can be asked at that point.
  • Relax. This programming is going to make us all better and stronger. For most of you, it’s going to be just like when you first started CrossFit. That’s a good thing – you always want to approach things with a beginner’s mind, and now you’ll be put right in that mindset.

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