03.16.16 Meet Coach Virginia!

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Come learn to lift with Coach Virginia!

Overhead Squat 3×5

“Dut 2 Bohs”
1 min Double unders
1 min Toes to bar
1 min OHS 95/65#/50%
90 sec DU
90 sec T2B
90 sec OHS
2 min DU
2 min T2B
2 min OHS

Today, you get to meet one of our new Olympic Weightlifting Coaches, Coach Virginia! Here’s a little bit about her in her own words:

First, I’m super excited to begin working with all of you! I’ve always been quite active and ran cross country and track in high school and college. Once I graduated I was looking for a workout plan to take a break from running so many miles and when the gym I was working out in became a CrossFit gym I was sold! After CrossFitting for a while I decided to dial in my nutrition and found flexible dieting along with coach Frank. We both really believe in flexible dieting and started EatMoreBeFit as a result.

I started Olympic lifting 3 years ago and coach Frank was (and still is) my coach. At the time, some friends convinced me to try the class and between his coaching and the friends I made, I was hooked. I immediately saw improvements in my form and strength and as time progressed, my lifts improved.

Last year, with the encouragement of Coach Frank, I decided to try an Olympic lifting meet. At a meet you perform the Clean and Jerk and Snatch on a platform in front of three judges. Never in my life would I picture myself doing this but I did it and then I participated in the 2015 CT state weightlifting meet. I placed in both meets. Most importantly, when I started Olympic lifting I could barely Snatch 75 pounds and my Clean and Jerk max was 135. It took a lot of work but my max Snatch is now 113 and my Clean and Jerk is 165.

I really can’t describe how great and strong it makes me feel and I encourage anyone to try it and see what you are truly capable of achieving. As a result of loving it so much last year I obtained my USAW sport performance level 1 and very much look forward to seeing you guys on the platform soon!

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