At FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith, our mission is to get people moving. Our specialty is the everyday athlete. We’re more interested in day-to-day fitness than competitions. Our goal is to keep you healthy and fit so you can continue to work out day to day, month to month and year to year whether your “workout” is in the gym, on the job or just in your own backyard.



F.I.T. Boot Camp



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7 Nutrition Hacks for Any Holiday!

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7 Nutrition hacks for any holiday!


Happy Fall!

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The summer is over, but don’t be sad!  Fall is going to be awesome!


Fall Challenge Time!

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It’s time for our first challenge in our new home! It’s simple.  Just jump rope!  Pick up a tracking calendar at the gym and each day that you do any…..

"CrossFit Zenith is by far the warmest, most welcoming gym I've been to. Plus you get a great workout! When you walk through the purple door, you are met by coaches and owners who care about their members, make you feel welcome and make you part of the family. You get a great workout and walk out feeling faster, stronger and more confident. I would recommend CFZ to anyone. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in, where you are in your fitness...this is a great place for everyone!! "

− Robyne Weir Gioco

"CrossFit Zenith is pure heart and soul. Passion does a body good."

− David Will

"I have been a member for almost a year now and it's one of my favorite parts of the day. I love the challenge of crossfit and the results that come from giving it your all everyday. The coaches are very knowledgeable and actually want you to succeed and improve everyday. If you want to change your life and get healthy this is the place for you. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose. "

− Jason Morehouse

"Becoming a member of this gym was one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life. Great people, great atmosphere, and truly a great workout. I would never have thought I could do Crossfit, based purely on the fact I heard it was "really hard" and I was not in good shape. Well, it is really hard, but YOU CAN DO IT! The coaches here are terrific - they make sure you push yourself to be the best you can be at YOUR fitness level, and you will quickly start to see yourself become more confident and stronger. The other members are encouraging - this is not a gym with a lot of egos...just a lot of support and a terrific workout. Try it, you will love it!"

− Lauren Storer

"The real "happiest place on earth", or at least the best part of MY day! I have always been someone who goes to the gym sporadically at best, since my intrinsic motivation to work out lacks at times. But after a year and a half span of illness related to near-constant migraines & other health issues, I knew I needed to find some way to reset my body & get healthy again. I finally found my fitness home here at CrossFit Zenith. I came for the prospect of getting healthier. I stayed because of the super supportive community of members, the wonderful owners, & the very knowledgeable coaches who insist on proper form & provide consistent training. I tried another CrossFit & did not receive half the guidance & support I've gotten here. For those who may be scared to try CrossFit, or have heard other negative experiences, please come give Zenith a try. I promise it is so very different from other places. And yes, you really can scale the workouts to any skill level. The confidence you gain from succeeding in tiny increments during workouts actually carries over into other areas of your life. I love being part of the CrossFit Zenith family!!!"

− Krystal Champagne

"It's the perfect location and the best Box I've ever been to. If you're looking to begin your CrossFit journey and want to surround yourself with awesome people, who are not only amazing and positive but, SO supportive and encouraging.. look no further. CrossFit Zenith is that place! You'll make friends and you'll feel like a family member from the second you step foot in the door. I consider CFZ my home away from home. The coaches/owners are fantastic! They are very knowledgeable and will encourage you to meet your goals; whatever it is you're looking to accomplish. Coach Brian and Mike will help you get there. As they say, "It's your journey". Since starting in March 2015, I've not only become happier and slimmer but, I've become stronger and healthier. The gym is comfortable, clean and they have the equipment you need. After a workout you'll feel beat, but you'll feel confident and accomplished!! I'm beyond proud to be a part of CrossFit Zenith! "

− Carmela Esposito

"To say that this is a great gym is an understatement! After years of inconsistently going to the normal 24 hour type gyms, I made the plunge for CrossFit trying out Zenith and haven't looked back. The coaches and other members (whom I gladly call friends) are wonderful. Being not originally from CT and moving here after college, this was a great way to meet a lot of great people! CrossFit Zenith makes you look forward to going to the gym all day!"

− Pete DeSantis


A gym is only as good as its coaches. At our gym in Wallingford, we are lucky to have some of Connecticut’s best fitness coaches calling FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith home. We provide the right amount of motivation and experience, without being “too close for comfort”. With our varied backgrounds and specialties, you will find a passion unparalleled in our area. Our two main programs, CrossFit and FIT are designed to give you the results you’re looking for and the workout you need. Try a FREE week of unlimited classes. You’ll see why we are the best gym for High Intensity Interval Training workouts.


Incredible Facility

Our location at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith in Wallingford near Meriden, North Haven, Hamden and Durham is one of Connecticut’s premier CrossFit locations. Our Gym has enough space for every kind of workout we can think of, and a comfortable lobby for those days when you just need to sit on the couch before getting your day moving. There isn’t a better place for your Wallingford CrossFit workouts anywhere around the Meriden, North Haven, Hamden or Durham areas. We spared no expense to bring the very best equipment and facility around.


Low Coach to Athlete Ratio

Our Wallingford CrossFit gym workouts were built to get you individualized coaching in a group atmosphere. We believe in this philosophy and average 1 coach for every 7 members in a class so that you always get the attention you deserve. You will always get better results when your coach has the time to focus on you. A low coach to athlete ratio makes every workout similar to having a personal trainer, but without the cost.